Africa Code Week 2016: Day 2 – Immaculate Heart Primary School and Lizzy Schools

“The smile of a child, innocent and beautiful, is the best gift given to man. It lights up our life like a thousand suns.”
…Chibueze Ikedi



My heart choked and overflowed, and my vision blurred; I literally had tears in my eyes.

We had 50 kids today, against the 90 we expected. One of the schools couldn’t make it again; Immaculate Heart Primary School, a Catholic school came with 30 students; they looked so cute in their dainty caps and smart uniforms. Lizzy Schools came with 20 students, most of whom had never used the computer before.

As usual, the day started with singing and then we moved on to coding. Pairing teams from the different schools was an excellent strategy as barriers came down and the children had a good time. Children have a sweet spirit which easily accommodates others.

I’m really worn out, can’t put my joy in words. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Tomorrow will be another wonderful day. #GratefulHeart.