Africa Code Week 2016: Day 3 – First Step Nur/Pri and Basic Foundations Schools

“We Build Their Future When We Build Their Minds. Let Us Therefore Build Aright”
…Chibueze Ikedi



Today was exciting: we had toddlers and nursery school kids. Wow!!!

Sadly, I was incapacitated and could not participate in class actively today, but the team did such an amazing job they kids were completely won over. We had 49 kids today: 19 from First Step Nursery and Primary Schools and 30 from Basic Foundation Primary School. They were a delight to behold. The tiny tots handled the mouse like it was an extension of themselves; they were at ease and adept in its use.

The climax for me was when disaster seemingly struck: there was a power outage and all the systems went off. Sadly, we had not saved our work, most of the kids lost their work with the exception of those using the laptops. Once power was restored, we had an inspiration: we decided to turn the tragedy around and use it as an opportunity. We challenged the kids to see if they could re-create all they had done so far by themselves. And creativity was let loose. This was both a humbling and elating moment: watching the kids working as a team to finish their task within a tight timeframe. And finish it they did; most teams were able to successfully re-create their work up to the point were the power went out.

Phew. Worn out, but happy. We watched them march off as they returned to their schools; their eyes glowing, their hearts ablaze and their tongues wagging non-stop with tales of their prowess.

What a great day it has been. Looking forward to tomorrow.