Africa Code Week 2016: Day 4 – Practical Computer Academy and Abayi Umuocham Primary School

“We Live To Light The Way For Others; We Live That Our Lives May Light The Way For Others”
…Chibueze Ikedi



There was fireworks!!! Literally

For the first time in ACW 2016, we had a mix of kids from the private and public education sectors. It was most interesting watching them; we are challenged to do something more to remove the gap that currently exists between our public and private education systems.  We had 63 kids today: 30 from Practical Computer Academy and 33 from Abayi Umuocham Primary School. It was fascinating watching some these kids use the computer for the first time.

Some seemed star-struck: there was magic on display and they were lost in its power. Scratch evokes the warmest emotions from a child; I have seen its power to bring sheer undiluted glee to children as they make their rocket move for the first time. It is an experience to die for.

Power was more stable today; we depended solely on the generator.

The team is completely spent, 63 kids are a handful. They look like puppies in the rain; drenched but happy, tired but on fire. We are making a difference, we are changing lives; and they are happy for it.

What a great day it has been. Looking forward to tomorrow.