Africa Code Week 2016: Day 5 – Sunrise Academy and Basic Foundations School (JSS 1)

“Win Their Hearts, And You Have Won Their Hands. Their Loyalty Runs Deep And Full”
…Chibueze Ikedi



I saw the future today; the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs that would drive the next wave of tech innovation that will change the world.

I am a prophet, yes, I indeed am. Today, we were humbled by the kids from Basic Foundation Schools (JSS 1) and Sunrise Academy. Their aptitude almost wore us out, but they are like sponge in water, they were quick to absorb and soak up all we taught and said.

It was actually fun, we didn’t have to repeat a lot of the steps as they picked it up easily. Apparently, both schools have good computer labs and excellent computer teachers. The kids just wanted to be left alone to unleash their creativity and after the initial teaching period, we did leave them to practice on their own, in teams of 2-4. Boy, did they create cool stuff…

As our time together drew to an end, their pleas to come again was heartbreaking. To the last person, they all did not want to go; but we could not help it. We are making impact; that is my greatest delight.

I watch the team as they pack up for another day, exhausted but happy. Tomorrow, we are expecting the children’s ministry of a church nearby. Just have this feeling it will be fun too.

That’s all folks, see you when the cock crows. Looking forward to tomorrow.