Africa Code Week 2016: Day 7 – Greenfield International School and Fulfillment Academy

“The Mind Of A Child Is Like A Candle. Light It, And It Will Burn With Beauty And Brilliance”
…Chibueze Ikedi



We had a classic close with 60 kids: 20 kids from Fulfillment Academy and 40 kids from Greenfield International Schools.

What a journey it has been. We saw the old and the new blend together in perfect harmony. Greenfield International Schools have been the most fortunate: they were a part of Africa Code Week 2015 and also participated in our Shaping the Future series.

When we went to pick them from their school, over 60 kids were ready; all finely dressed in clean uniforms ironed straight and having neat haircuts and trimmed fingernails. Sadly, we could not accommodate all of them, as we made provision for only 40. As we drove off, some of those left behind were in tears. My heart bled.

We began an hour behind schedule, after picking up the remaining 20 kids from Fulfillment Academy. This was their first exposure to Scratch, and boy, did they have fun. Their excitement was infectious; they could hardly contain themselves. Their screens came alive as they rocket they were animating flew across their screens. You should have heard their screams of delight.

Once again, this team out-did themselves in satisfying the children. You could see the awe even on the faces of their teachers. It is fascinating, and yet satisfying. We are making a difference, and that makes my joy know no bounds.

We draw the curtain on Africa Code Week 2016, but our journey has just begun.

Stayed tuned… Greater things are planned for our kids.