Africa Code Week 2016: Epilogue

Its a wrap, we had an awesome week of fun, coding, chaos and children. 347 CHILDREN, 11 SCHOOLS, 1 CHURCH and 24 TEACHERS. We definitely left a mark.

I would be remiss if I failed to thank from the depths of my heart, the team that made this possible. Without them, this would have still been a dream, this would not have been achieved. I and the kids whose lives who have so enriched in the last one week, are eternally grateful to you.

To Mr Jeff, our amiable supervisor. You were the rock that kept everything and everyone in order, your organizational skills are still mind-boggling to me. Ever grateful to you.

To Ella, whose passion for children exceeds my own. You made the kids laugh, no wonder they all love you. You did a thousand things at once and made it look so easy. I owe you.

To Matthew, our wizard of Scratch. You are indeed a great teacher, your humility and patience with the kids, your carefulness to explain complex things in simple ways made it possible for the children to comprehend and understand. You were amazing.

To Jacinth, a young man passionate about tech. You learned in such a short time it was shocking; and you freely imparted you knowledge to the kids as you went from desk to desk assisting them. Indeed, you do have a bright future.

To Mrs Rebecca. You were always there, like a mother hen watching out for her chicks. You helped maintain law and order, and ensured the kids were all properly seated. Grateful for your sacrifices.

To Osese. Obim, without you, there would be no me. You made sure the kids always had something to eat and drink, even when we ran out of funds, you were quick to provide. You bring light to my life and make a simple fellow like me aspire to greatness. Love you.