Africa Code Week is an amazing initiative pioneered by SAP and it is having tremendous impact in the lives of children.

Day 1, Africa Code Week. Had 30 primary 5 students from Greenfield International Schools. Overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of these kids, the screams of joy and how their eyes light up as they created cool things. 4 hours just flew by like a few minutes.

So glad we are making a difference. We are humbled we could be part of this, it is so awesome.

Can’t wait for the next group coming tomorrow.

See the pictures below.



IMG_20151006_123026 IMG_20151006_123021 IMG_20151006_122957 IMG_20151006_132400 IMG_20151006_132247 IMG_20151006_132136 IMG_20151006_132044 IMG_20151006_131356 IMG_20151006_131229 IMG_20151006_131020 IMG_20151006_131013 IMG_20151006_131000 IMG_20151006_130952 IMG_20151006_130943 IMG_20151006_130934 IMG_20151006_130918 IMG_20151006_130906 IMG_20151006_130505 IMG_20151006_130244 IMG_20151006_125923 IMG_20151006_124954 IMG_20151006_124850 IMG_20151006_124815 IMG_20151006_124759 IMG_20151006_123317 IMG_20151006_104854 IMG_20151006_104803 IMG_20151006_101203 IMG_20151007_142735