Its a wrap, and already I miss these kids. 3 awesome days; utterly overjoyed that we could bring some excitement back into our ‘adults-only’ dull routine with this exciting program.

My gratitude to SAP,, Google, MIT and all the partners who worked together to birth these program for kids. So glad we played a part in making history.

This has opened up our eyes to see the great opportunity before us and is challenging us to live up to our creed: LearnFactory Nigeria, Grooming Creators and Software Craftsmen.

Many of these kids have so much creativity bottled up in them; they just need the right environment and encouragement to let it shine. I am so reminded again of the epic Bollywood movie LIKE STARS ON THE EARTH.

We will play our part to make a difference.

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For, the LearnFactory Team

Chibueze I.