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Education is the science and art of learning, adapting and applying yesterday and tomorrow’s skills, experiences and knowledge to today’s circumstances.

The importance of Education and Training in the development of a people cannot be over-emphasized.

The goal of LearnFactory is to, through training, transfer a specific set of skills that will sharpen the Nigerian youth to become proficient software engineers.

To achieve this, we have created several initiatives as our vehicle to impart our people and effect change.

Project EmBED

Building Our Children A Future

Join in the Campaign to Teach 10,000 Children

How to Code

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Promoting Women in Technology

Immersive Software Training

To Empower More Women

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Women-In-Code Initiative aims to provide an immersive, accelerated training in software development for women.

It is a platform to integrate women into software development using any of our specialisations, notably the BootCamp; and will seek to leverage global efforts to empower women including initiatives by Google etc.

Effective delivery of the Women-In-Code stands on the Benefactors, a platform to encourage successful technocrats and business people to re-invest in the re-education of our youth.

Partner with us to groom outstanding women and to empower them with coding skills. Partner with us to build them a future we can be proud of.


Empowering Youth with Tech Education

Teaching our Youth

Entrepreneurship & Technology

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Teens-In-Tech is a 30-day intense training program designed to introduce teens in senior secondary school to technology and the art of programming and design.

Teens-In-Tech aims to encourage entrepreneurship at a young age and help such young entrepreneurs create innovative and disruptive businesses.

We do this by providing tools, resources and company sponsored, out-of-school training to students on the weekends hosted at our centre. Our goal is to lower the barriers normally associated with technology by giving students exposure to programming at an early age when they are beginning to explore their options and opportunities.

Teens-In-Tech will focus on Learning by Active Participation (LAP). Students are engaged in groups and using a specialized curriculum, they are taught to work together while building hands-on projects, and practice industry programming techniques.

Continuous support is provided to the students in the form of additional study material, matched to their assessed skill level and a chance to use the PAUL (Pay-As-You-Learn) facility at discounted rates. A social network of alumni, allowing them to interact and access online support provided by our in-house mentors.

To aid students in their discovering and learning journey, we will seek sponsors who will award mini-laptops to our graduating students. This will serve as a tool for discovering new skills, while also instilling a unique sense of value and accomplishment.

Students who graduate from Teens-In-Tech see the inner workings of technology and are able to build programs with ease and confidence!


Empowering our Teachers to Teach Better

Providing our Teachers the tools and skills

To ensure qualitative education

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Teach-the-Teachers aims to empower teachers with technology skills and other 21st Century tools and skills needed to revolutionise education.

Teachers plant the seed of knowledge that grow forever.

Teachers are our greatest resource; they shape the future by passing on past and present knowledge to the minds of our children and youth. Such knowledge, when applied, provide solutions to problems and help move the human race forward.

The greatest danger then is for our teachers to be stuck in a rut; to not advance their knowledge and keep up-to-date with advances in their respective fields.

The growth of our IT industry has been greatly hampered because of an archaic, 30-year old curriculum and our teachers have been saddled with the burden to keep teaching it. This has stunted their growth as professionals and they are not challenged to pursue and introduce new advances in technology to their students.

Teach-the-Teachers aims to empower teachers with technology skills and other 21st Century tools and skills to enable them groom their students with the accurate skills required for their future careers.


Empowering Orphans, Incacerated Persons & the Less-Privileged

Reaching Out to Empower those without means

Providing quality education to the less-privileged

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D’Privileged is a technology and entrepreneurship training to empower the less privileged, orphans, disabled persons, at-risk/disconnected youth and prisoners.

D’privileged aims to positively impact youth growth and development through quality supportive education and entrepreneurship.

Our goal is to help youth maximise their potential by channelling their talents, skills and passions into starting sustainable businesses, providing opportunities for youth that would lead to financial independence.

Having been groomed in leadership and community service, these capable and prepared youths can feed back into the workforce for a new Nigeria

D’Privileged will work in partnership with Re:LIFE Inc, New York, to train these youths with the revolutionary HEROES Model. It is a sub-unit of the Teens-In-Tech project.