Shaping the Future Series: Greenfield International Primary 1 and 2 pupils. March 8, 2016

“Capture the heart of a toddler, and you have made a friend forever”
…Chibueze Ikedi

This was my best class. I must confess, I had more fun than the kids did. Dealing with these 5 to 7 year olds was no mean feat, but indeed children bring out the best in us. After a 2 week interval (due to their mid-term holidays), we were able to finally host our most important guests: the young computer wizards of primary 1 and 2. We had 20 children from primary 1 and 2 and to help teach the kids, we asked the school to bring along 10 students from primary 5/6. 

These kids were so eager to play with the system we had to struggle to restrain them. But after the initial 30 minutes, they settled down and we had a blast. Their comprehension was pretty solid, I must give kudos to the staff and management of Greenfield International School. 

After spending 3 very productive hours together, the children had to depart. But their transport failed to show up; so we spent another one hour together singing and dancing and telling stories. Aaaah…joy unspeakable…

With this wrapped up, we are not satisfied. Our dissatisfaction lies not in our ability to teach these kids, but in the almost insignificant number we have been able to reach, given the vast number of children out there in the educational system. What happens to the numerous kids in public schools? Who will give them access to such amazing opportunities? How can we collectively solve this problem? Our dissatisfaction over the last couple of days has fuelled a purpose; we are working on something and we will share it with you soon.

God bless and have a lovely day.