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Human capacity development remains the surest way of building and developing any nation; it is an investment in the next-generation of superstars who will build an enduring legacy.

Our goal is to unleash the superstar in every child and youth, using technology and education as our primary mediums (weapons of choice).


About Us

LearnFactory Nigeria is the first full-stack software development training and technology hub in South-East Nigeria.

At LearnFactory Nigeria, our primary goal is to change our world through human capacity development; grooming technologists who can leverage technology to create impact

Our Focus

We are passionate about grooming Craftsmen and Software Engineers; as well as education and how we can enhance its outcomes using technology. We fervently believe that for anyone to maximize their learning experience, they must transition from being just consumers of information to become creators of information.

Our Principles

We believe true effectiveness results from a fusion of Character and Capacity. Hence, our goal to continuously build a formidable team of expert software developers who can compete globally and deliver projects on-time and within budget. This consistently would increase the pool of developers we have available for outsourcing.

 Our Location

Located in Aba, we provide Training, Tools and a Collaborative and Creative Environment; empowering young people and startups with the skills and tools to thrive and grow in a proper entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our Team

We have a rockstar team of developers (web, mobile, backend), game creators, product managers, designers, blockchain and Web3 aficionados, creative artists, wordsmiths, poets and storytellers who build great products and train great people.

Our Values

  • Character
  • Capacity
  • Collaboration
  • Diligence
  • Loyalty


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The LearnFactory House
44B Aba-Owerr Road, Umungasi, Aba, Abia

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(234) 802-293-2368

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The LearnFactory Difference

Over the last 7 years, we have had the singular focus of creating impact in the lives of children and young people across the Southeast and Nigeria. It has been an exciting journey, fraught with challenges. 

Since 2015

Our Mission

To groom the next generation of developers and software craftsmen empowered with the skills to solve global and local business and social problems

Our Vision

To be the premier software development and training company in Nigeria

You Dream It

We Make It Happen


Website Revamp in Progress

We are currently rebuilding our website. The new LearnFactory Nigeria website will go live on August 1, 2023.

Plan. Design. Create.

The LearnFactory Difference

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